Ten Steps to Knock a Letter of Inquiry of the Park! by Holly Rustick

Ten Steps to Knock a Letter of Inquiry of the Park!

Learn how to write a letter of inquiry, get invited to apply for grants, and establish credibility
Your Letter of Inquiry is what what get you invited to actually apply for a grant!

Find out how to increase your chances of getting asked to apply for a grant by writing an amazing Letter of Inquiry.

This course will teach you the following:

  • How to know if you should even apply for a grant with a foundation (alignment)
  • How to Format your Letter of Inquiry Properly
  • How to Write an Amazing Introduction and Grab Attention
  • How to Create a Compelling Needs Statement
  • How to Design a Project
  • How to Showcase Outcomes and Evaluations
  • How to Create a Boss Budget
  • How to Write a Stunning Conclusion and Call to Action

Plus, you will get the following:

  • A downloadable Sample Letter of Inquiry
  • A downloadable Template Letter of Inquiry

Start getting invited to apply for grants today!

What's included?

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How to Write a Letter of Inquiry
4 mins
#1: Ensure your Nonprofit is in Alignment with the Funding Source
11 mins
#2: How to Correctly Format a Letter of Inquiry
3 mins
#3: Salutation for the Letter of Inquiry
3 mins
#4: Write the Best Introductory Paragraph and Keep Attention!
11 mins
#5: Establish Needs through Citations and Statistics
5 mins
#6: Create a Compelling Project
6 mins
#7: Showcase Proven Outcomes and Best-Practice Evaluations
2 mins
#8: Establish Credibility for your Nonprofit
2 mins
#9: Create a Boss Budget
3 mins
#10: Create a Compelling Closing Statement
2 mins
Downloadable Letters of Inquiry
Letter of Inquiry Sample
19 KB
Letter of Inquiry Template
14.8 KB