Grant Research: How to Vet a Foundation Grant by Holly Rustick

Grant Research: How to Vet a Foundation Grant

A step-by-step guide to save you hundreds of hours in finding the BEST-fit Foundation Grants

What's included?

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How to Vet a Foundation
Is your Nonprofit Eligible & Ineligible to Apply for the Grant?
7 mins
How to Align your Priority & Mission with a Foundation Grant
9 mins
Do you have all Necessary & Required Documents?
6 mins
Learn about the Budget Items that are Necessary for Foundation Grants
10 mins
How to Figure out What to Write for a Foundation Grant!
7 mins
Don't Forget the Technical Requirements!
3 mins
Downloadable: How to Vet a Foundation
1.6 MB
Thank you! Next steps
2 mins

Holly Rustick

As a grant writer for more than a decade, Holly has secured more than $14 million for organizations all around the world. She also is an Amazon Bestselling author, Wish Granted! Tips, Tools, & Templates, a podcast host for Grant Writing & Funding, a professor at the University of Guam, and conducts grant writing training, strategic planning, and grant research for nonprofits and grant writers. She lives on the island of Guam, and has been able to raise millions of dollars for organizations in Guam, and in other places, including the United States. Check out her website for more information at